Call For Papers

Papers are invited including (but not exclusively):

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• Innovative plastic packaging solutions 
• Turkey market information of plastic packaging and global trends
• Recent process, products technologies, new strategies in plastic packaging
• New developments in plastic packaging materials (high-barrier polyester materials, sterile plastic packaging materials, , nano - plastic packaging materials)
• Innovative technological developments (raw materials, machinery and auxiliary equipments)
• Bio-based plastic packaging: raw material, production, market 
• The importance of product design and packaging in branding 
• Packaging design for aesthetic and functional appeal 
• Design, prototyping, 3-D printing
• Product design and developments
• Graphic design and printing in packaging 
• Patent creativity: How to generate new ideas?
• Standards, tests and Intellectual Property Right (IPR) in packaging
• Regulations, testing, standards and quality control
• Sustainability and recycling
• The safety and traceability of plastic packaging 
• LCA and carbon footprint
• Packaging as a waste preventer
• The role of packaging in the sustainability of value chain
• Investment potential for the plastic packaging industry in developing countries
• Consumer behavior trends in packaging industry
• Internet brand and product marketing trends
• New developments in plastics closures 
• Plastic packaging raw materials
• Barrier materials and shelf life stability
• Retort and aseptic packaging 
• Scavenger and barrier films
• Uses of new packaging films 
• Functional  and smart packaging 
• Anti-counterfeit, traceability, regulatory 
• Barrier Technology, sealing and closures, advances in tie 


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