Murat Akyüz

Chairman of the Board of IKMIB

Born in 1971 in Ankara, Murat Akyüz graduated from Yıldız Technical University Mechanical Engineering Department. Had his MS from Istanbul University in Production Management, Akyüz got his MBA degree from National University in San Diego, USA. Embarked on his business life at Akyüz Plastik, Akyüz worked for KCG Consulting Group in San Diego, USA as Simulation Engineer between 1999-2001. Worked for Akyüz Plastik again in 2001, Murat Akyüz has been the Chairman of Istanbul Chemical Substances and Products Exporters Union since 2006. A member of IKMIB, TOBB, Chemistry Assembly Authority, Yıldız Hisar Club, CMAS Divers Club and Amateur Captains, Akyüz is married.