PAGEV, Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation, was founded in 1989 and currently operates in Istanbul. The foundation continually developed to become a highly prestigious establishment representing the Turkish Plastics Industry both in Turkey and abroad as a reference point for local and overseas companies. PAGEV represents more than 6000 companies, including raw material suppliers, processors, suppliers and recycling machinery.

In line with developments worldwide, PAGEV aims to meet the organizational needs of the rapidly growing Turkish plastics industry which comprise mostly of SME’s. The main objectives of PAGEV are;  

  • To establish a substructure to ensure that the industry is integrated with the global plastics industry,
  • To enhance vocational training, quality, technology, productivity and competitive power,
  • To promote the image of plastics by improving relations with the public opinion and public organizations,
  • To cause the industry to earn qualified manpower and technological superiority by contributing to the vocational training and research efforts,
  • To lead the industry in all issues and areas. 

PAGEV is an active member of the; European Plastics Processors Association (EuPC), European Plastics Raw Material Manufacturers Association and PlasticsEurope Mediterranean Advisory Board (PlasticsEurope), Council of International Plastics Associations Directors (CIPAD), International Vocational Education & Training Association (IVETA).




You can follow the PAGEV International Packaging Technologies Congress Program here.