Ahmet Meriç

1st Vice President of PAGEV & Congress Chairman

Mr. Ahmet Meriç, who was born in Istanbul in 1978, had his primary school, secondary school and high school education in Istanbul. After graduating from Department of Physics in Ankara University Faculty of Science, he started his business life at Enformak A.Ş. in 2000. In 2004, Mr. Meriç completed his master degree in Polymer Science and Technology Programme in ITU. After taking up different positions at Enformak A.Ş., he is now General Coordinator there and also in administrative board of a group company called Novoma Ekstrüzyon. Mr. Ahmet Meriç, who is currently 1st Vice President of PAGEV and Congress Chairman, was took part in Advisory Board of Plastics Europe for one term and in various working groups relevant to the sector, participated in many national and international sectoral congresses and meetings. He speaks English. He is married and has a child.