Yavuz Eroğlu

PAGEV President

Born in Istanbul in 1973, Yavuz Eroğlu graduated from Istanbul University Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering after completing his secondary education at Kültür Koleji. He took master’s degree from Boğaziçi University Department of Biomedical Engineering and Marmara University Department of Management Organization. He got leadership trainings from Micheal Porter at Harvard University.

He started his business life at their family-owned company, SEM Plastik. Having served at various roles, he has been the Managing Partner of SEM Plastik since 2002. Eroğlu is also the Chairman of Executive Boards of the group companies SEM Global Dış Ticaret and Credoy Polimer.  He was the Deputy Chairman of PAGEV and PAGDER.

In June 2012, he became the first Turkish person elected as a Member of Executive Board of PlasticsEurope. He was granted the Special Award at the 3rd Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Dubai by the AllWorld Network organization of Harvard University for his efforts about the entrepreneurship and his investment on the Palestinian industry, which is a first in the world. In 2015, he was elected to the Advisory Board of MECC (Middle East Center of Commerce) established by the US Chamber of Trade.

He is the author of around fifty national and international academic papers on plastics, petrochemicals, packaging, environment, recycling, health, sustainability and macroeconomics, and is member of various juries. He delivered speeches at several conferences about petrochemicals, plastics industry, entrepreneurship and finance, in and abroad. In June 2012, Eroğlu became the President of MEA&Turkey for Waste Free Oceans Foundation which was initiated in Europe to cleanse coasts from litter. Fishermen collect marine litter using special nets to recycle as part of this Waste Free Oceans project, based in Belgium and funded by the European Union. Yavuz Eroğlu managed Turkish leg of the project under the name “Mutlu Balıklar” (Happy Fishes).

As an amateur marathon runner, Eroğlu speaks English and German.