Dr. Yakup Ülçer

Ravago Academy and HR Director

Dr Yakup Ülçer was born in Istanbul in 1968. He completed his secondary education at Saint Joseph High School. After graduating from Boğaziçi University Department of Chemistry Engineering in 1990, he received doctoral degree from University of Akron Department of Polymer Engineering in 1996. His dissertation topic was “Slow-Crystallization Polymer Injection”. Dr Ülçer has authored 6 papers on “Internal Structure-Characteristics Relation of Engineering Polymers” published on various international journals. He also authored the respective section on Thermoplastic Elastomers in PAGEV’s Polymers Book, which is his area of expertize. He was the Vice General Manager of Tekno Polimer between 1996-1998. Dr Yakup Ülçer co-founded and was the Technical Marketing and Project Coordinator of Resinex-BMY AŞ between 1998-2003. He was Technical Coordinator of Enplast AŞ between 2003-2011. He has been Executive Committee Member for Ravago Academy and investments since 2011.