Metin Çobanlıoğlu

General Manager, Globrand Strategy Consulting

Born in Sakarya on February 8, 1968, Metin Çobanlıoğlu studied at Sabiha Hanım Elementary School and Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi. He studied Business Administration (English) at Marmara University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Started his career working at their family company, Metin Çobanlıoğlu continued his professional life as the General Secretary of Istanbul Minerals and Metal Exporters’ Association, at different departments of the association on various projects for 15 years. He focused on improvement of export subsidies, increasing attendance of exporters to foreign shows, market research, and roadmaps for new foreign markets. He managed www.buyfromturkey.org web portal and internal CRM projects to extend exporters’ subscription database. He worked on industrial promotional strategies and took part in foreign practices. 

Resigned from his position at Istanbul Minerals and Metal Exporters’ Association in 2010, Metin Çobanlıoğlu has been working on various consultancy operations such as industrial clustering projects, market research activities, bilateral business meetings and export strategy development at Globrand Strategy and Consulting since then.